Health, Environment and Development


This module showcases an integrated approach

to health, environment and development.

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About this course 

The module emphasises a political economy approach, exploring what drives health-­‐related behaviour, how this shapes policies and programmes, who benefits and loses from the many different kinds of health and environment interventions, and the implications for development. This includes an awareness of different sectors of society; of diverse interests and incentives and of power relations. In addition, the module displays an appreciation of the multifaceted nature of development challenges, the introduction to specific health or environmental issues; and the consideration of policy, governance and regulation relating to health and environmental issues. Throughout the module, critical normative questions about whose preferences matter; who defines the criteria for examining a problem and how different people engage in an issue are posed. Development components, such as an emphasis on how environment and health impact on people living in poverty, issues of regulation, governance and policy, are addressed in all the sessions.

What will you learn

By the end of the module a successful student should be able to:

1. Demonstrate a sophisticated understanding of environment and health issues and the development implications of these for low- and middle-income countries

2. Critically assess key theories and debates in the literature relating to health, environment and development

3. Demonstrate the ability to investigate a distinct area of health, environment and development and construct an academic argument based on secondary sources.

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