Cardiovascular diseases and its social determinants of health


The course consists of three lecture series, titled,

lecture series touching upon, Health and its

determinants, Cardiovascular disease and its

determinants and Cardiovascular disease from,

“Low and Middle Income Countries” perspective.

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About this course 

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is presently the number one cause of mortality and morbidity worldwide. Various factors account for its development. The major factors are the health system and the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age. Thus, social determinants (SDs) play a pivotal role in its causation and sustenance. The proposed course will educate health care providers and public health enthusiasts about the roles that different social determinants play and guide them to identify potential areas for intervention.

Keeping in line with the above objectives the proposed course has the following contents :
1. Intrοduction to health and its different determinants with emphasis on the present scenario and concepts like ‘upstream’ or ‘distal’ factors, the rainbow diagram by Dahlgren and Whitehead etc.

2. Lectures on common social determinants in general, using social gradients, epidemiological and economic transitions etc.

3. Lectures on SDs of CVD with reference to factors responsible for the increase in CVD globally and explaining the role of different public health transitions such as demographic transition, nutritional transition, and inverse social gradient in maintenance and propagation of CVD.

4. A note on social disadvantage index, treatment gap, and globalisation will be incorporated for better understanding of the subject.


What will you learn

The module will provide latest evidence based information on CVD in terms of their SDs and preferred points of intervention with special reference to emerging economy like India. Specific module objectives Learning objectives:

• Health care providers, health managers and policy makers should update their knowledge of CVD.

• They must acknowledge the important roles played by different social determinants and demographic factors in causation and perpetuation of the condition in the community.

• They should develop themselves as human resources capable of tackling this ever expanding pandemic of CVD. 

Recommended Background

We welcome all the healthcare enthusiast to join this course. The candidates with a background in medicine, allied fields, science subjects with biology, home science and health economics as major subjects and those inspiring to pursue higher degrees in community medicine, public health, general medicine, family medicine and cardiology etc. are in ideal for enrollment in this course.

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