Practical Approaches to Qualitative Research


The course aims to give a general practical basis

to researchers wishing to learn qualitative research. It is

recommended for anyone who wants to use qualitative 

approaches in their research either for their dissertation 

or in the future.

Access the course

About this course 

Qualitative methods are rising in importance as a component of all research areas, especially Public Health. As we see the rise in preventable illnesses and have more people with chronic diseases, we need to understand why people make decisions that put them at risk and how to improve services so that can be more user friendly and applicable to peoples' needs. 

What will you learn

By the end of the course students should:

  • Understand the fundamental principles behind qualitative research;
  • Be able to design a basic qualitative study;
  • Do fieldwork including doing individual interviews, focus groups and observations;
  • Analyse and write a report and critique qualitative research papers

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