Social Determinants of Health & Water Sanitation and Hygiene in low and middle income settings

The course will contain intrοduction as well as

details on water sanitation and hygiene as a

social determinants of health.


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About this course 

The course will contain intrοduction as well as details on water sanitation and hygiene as a social determinants of health. It will also give insight on the factors responsible for poor water sanitation and hygiene with special emphasis on gender issues and the resulting diseases caused. It will highlight the benefits and need for proper water, sanitation and hygiene and some possible solutions. The final module will have some case studies related to the topic from India and other countries. 

What will you learn

  • To help the student in innovating potential areas of interventions in the field of health and social determinants with special emphasis on LMIC groups.
  • To educate the students about the myths and the facts of various social determinants of health. 
  • To empower the students for applying their knowledge in wider social, economic, health and environmental context. 
  • To guide the Health Care providers for improving the existing health care system around the world.

Recommended Background

We, welcome all the health care and the public health enthusiasts to join our course. The candidates having background from medicine, allied fields, science subjects with biology, home science and health economics as major subjects and those inspiring to pursue masters in community medicines, public health, environmental science, etc. are ideal for enrollment. Others who don't have above written background but are working for health issues around the world can also apply.

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