Social Determinants of Road Traffic Injuries


The overall goal of this module is to provide students

with an overview on how selected social factors (social

determinants) increase the risk of road traffic injuries.

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About this course 

The module Social determinants of road traffic injuries is developed for graduate students, PhD students as well as postdocs who are interested in road safety research.

The goal of the module is to provide students with an overview on how social factors (determinants) are associated with road traffic injury risk and to discuss prevention strategies.

This self-study module is intended to encourage young researchers to not only focus on social inequity in road traffic injuries but to develop prevention strategies that explicitly consider social factors. Students who take this course are provided with working papers, presentations as well as suggested readings. 

What will you learn

After receiving the training based on this course, the trainees should be able

    • To provide theoretical knowledge on the association between social factors and road traffic injury risks.
    • To provide theoretical knowledge on injury research and prevention.
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