Climate Change, Society and Health


This is an interdisciplinary course designed for young health

researchers to help them gain a basic understanding of the  

role and impact of climate change and variability on health

through the lens of a SDH (Social Determinants of Health)


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About this course 

The central purpose of the course is to provide guidance to the young health researchers on:

(a) various techniques for assessing the epidemiological impact of climate change and consequent burden of climate-induced diseases, and 

(b) various quantitative and qualitative approaches to understand and explain society’s response to climate change especially in the context of maintaining and restoring people’s health. 

The concepts and techniques discussed are linked and made relevant to the areas in low-and-middle income countries that are particularly vulnerable to climate shocks.

What will you learn

After receiving the training based on this course, the trainees should be able to

  • understand and categorize the current research issues related to complex pathways between climate change and social determinants of health
  • learn various research approaches that could be used to explain the link
  • develop a better understanding of how to frame appropriate research design in this particular context.  
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