Social Determinants of Health

Let's start this section with a video lecture about the general description of social determinants of health (SDH). The speaker in this lecture is Associate Professor Aysha de Costa from Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm in Sweden.

According to WHO 2013 statistics, the world has made dramatic progress in improving health in the poorest countries and narrowing the wealth gaps between countries with the best and worst health status in the past two decades. Despite this progress, health inequalities have turned out to be very persistent and perhaps more complex than previously thought. That is why health practitioners, researchers and politicians have turned their eyes to the SDH.

In this section you will get to read more about SDH and their history. It is important to consider this history since it will open new angles to the current discussion on SDH. You will also learn about how to measure health. This is an important point for the documentation of current level of health status of individuals and populations and documenting changes.

Measurement has been emphasized by the WHO commission on the Social Determinants of Health (which we'll talk more about in a moment.)


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